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Gelderblom, O. (2016) Merchants from the Southern Netherlands (1578–1630) (data paper)

Jorink, E. (2016) Correspondence of Swammerdam (1664–1679) (data paper)

Verniers, L.P. & Torremans, R. (2016) Living and working in the Late Iron Age in Spijkenisse (Wonen en werken in de Late IJzertijd in Spijkenisse)

Jager, E.J. de (2016) 'Reis van de Razzia' (Victims of the German raid in Rotterdam 1944)

Wagemakers, B. (2016) Jericho-off-the-Record: Tracing ‘New’ Records of the 1950s. Excavations at Tell es-Sultan

Knies, G. (2017) Exploring the Value of Understanding Society for Neighbourhood Effects Analyses

Winters, K., Carvalho, E. & Oliver, T. (2017) The 2015 Qualitative Election Study of Britain (data paper)

Zeldenrust, D.A., Wijsbek, N.A., & Windhouwer, M.A. (2017) Data van Dagboeken (Data from Diaries) (data paper)

Meroño-Peñuela, A., Ashkpour, A., Gilissen, V., Jonker, J., Vreugdenhil, T. & Doorn, P. (2018) Improving Access to the Dutch Historical Censuses with Linked Open Data (data paper)

Frankema, E., Woltjer, P., Dalrymple-Smith, A. & Bulambo, L. (2018) An Introduction to the African Commodity Trade Database, 1730–2010

Roorda, D. (2018) Coding the Hebrew Bible

Lelieveldt, P. & Bisschop Boele, E.H. (2018) Live Music in the Cities of Groningen and Utrecht, 2010–2016

Vatri, A. & McGillivray, B. (2018) The Diorisis Ancient Greek Corpus (data paper)

Vroom, J.A.C. (2019) Data Atlas of Byzantine and Ottoman Material Culture: Archiving Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeological Fieldwork Data from the Eastern Mediterranean (600–2000 ad), Phase 1 (data paper)

Gemenis, K., Mendez, F. & Wheatley, J. (2019) Helping Citizens to Locate Political Parties in the Policy Space: a Dataset for the 2014 elections to the European Parliament (data paper)

Devine, P. & Robinson, G. (2019) A Society Coming out of Conflict: Reflecting on 20 Years of Recording Public Attitudes with the Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey (data paper)

Ashby, M.P.J. (2019) Studying Crime and Place with the Crime Open Database

Jager, E.J. de (2019) Chronicle of the Governors’ Association: an Investigation into the Resilience and Longevity of the Co-operative Structure of the Communal Sickness Fund ‘To Our Avail’ (data paper)

Baciocchi, S., Beauguitte, L., Blavier, P. & Lambert, N (2019) Documenting the Diffusion of the 2016 French ‘Nuit Debout’

Allen, R.C. & Unger, R.W. (2019) The Allen-Unger Global Commodity Prices Database

Corti-Georgiou, C. (2019) Pioneers of Social Research: A Life Story Interview Collection

McVeigh, S. (2020) Rescuing a Heritage Database: Some Lessons from London Concert Life in the Eighteenth Century

Vliet, H.M.M. van (2020) Bringing a master narrative to its knees: the power of historical data on theatre patrons

Nieuwkerk, M. van, Nijboer, H. & Kisjes, I. (2020) The Felix Meritis concert programs database, 1832-1888: From archival ephemera to searchable performance data

Nieuwkerk, M.M. van, Salters, L., Helmers, R.M. & Kisjes, I. (2020) Operatic productions in the Netherlands, 1886-1995: From printed annals to searchable performance data

Bakkeren, F. (2020) History and Contents of the Dutch Theatre Production Database (forthcoming)

Blom, F.R.E., Nijboer, H.T. & Van der Zalm, R.G.C.(2020) ONSTAGE, the online Data System of Theatre in Amsterdam from the Golden Age to Today

Engelen, L., Crombez, Th. & Vande Winkel, R. (2020) Cinema-going at the Antwerp Zoo (1915-1936): A cinema-concert program database

Oort, T, van & Noordegraaf, J.J. (2020) The Cinema Context Database on Film Exhibition and Distribution in the Netherlands: A Critical Guide

Oort, T. van, Jernudd, Å., Lotze, K., Pafort-Overduin, C., Biltereyst, D., Boter, J., Dibeltulo, S., Ercole, P., Meers, P., Porubcanska, T., Treveri Gennari, D. & Van de Vijver, L. (2020) Mapping Film Programming across Post-War Europe (1952)

Oort, T. van & Noordegraaf, J. (2020) Structured data for doing performing arts history: an introduction to a special issue of data papers (1952) (forthcoming)


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